Thank you for visiting my website! I’m a portrait & wedding photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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  • My favorite color is green, but my favorite color to wear is red.
  • I don’t own anything Apple/Mac.
  • I am a proud dual citizen of Chile & the United States.
  • My favorite TV shows are Sherlock, Orange Is The New Black, & The IT Crowd.
  • I could spend an entire week long vacation sleeping on a beach.
  • I enjoy film photography, as a hobby. I own several Polaroid cameras, and a Canon AE-1.
  • Other things I love: sushi, NFL football, Kit Kats, flat soda, glitter, cupcakes, singing, Sharpies, fonts, cheese, traveling, & dancing!
  • I am a proud advocate for equality & I believe that love is love, no matter what your gender or orientation.


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